Top tips for keeping your dog cool in the heat!

Well when we get it we don’t want it and when we have it we want to get rid of it. I am talking about the heat of course. To be fair I love to lie out in the garden and relax with a nice glass of pawsecco. So here is my top tips for keeping your dog cool in the heat!

Do’s and Do not’s
So temperatures are hot what do you need to do with your dogs? Bring to Stay N Play of course for only £13 for up to 12 hours of fun. We have a large open space for dogs to play and relax in. Much cooler than out doors and were there to give them the attention they need with ice filled water bowls, cool floors and a small paddling pool your dog will be sure to love it.
– Ensure water bowl is full.
– Add ice cube to the bowl to ensure temperature of water remains cool and refreshing.
– Freeze some carrots 🥕 for treats and to keep the gums nice and cool.
– Have a cool blanket or cool damp towel for your dog to lie on and keep cool.
– Let your dog in cooler pets of the house.
Do Not
– Walk during high temperatures of the day. Keep to walking in the evening when cooler. Remember the pavements will be hot and can cause discomfort for your dogs should their pads cut and blister.
– Leave your dog in a room which can get hot e.g. the conservatory.
– Leave your dog in the car – even if the window is down it’s still extremely hot and uncomfortable.
– Ignore your dogs panting, monitor and keep close attention to brachycephalic breeds (flat face)

Hope this helps!!

Keeping the tails wagging,

Kiera xo

CEO – Canine Executive Officer