Staffy Stigma

Quick …. cross the road, I have a Staffy. Well she’s a Staffy cross, never the less she’s still a Staffy. I get it all the time when walking down the road with my beautiful girl, I see someone coming towards me, their lead tightens, they pull their dog in close and in some cases cross the road.

So why is this? The Staffy Stigma, I will admit the reputation of these beautiful, strong and loyal dogs is one that I wouldn’t like to have personally. Words like vicious, dangerous and banned are thrown around without so much as a thought. In fact Staffordshire bull terriers don’t fall on the UK’s banned list of dogs, but are often mistaken for Pit Bull Terriers a breed known for fighting. Unfortunately, the society we live in.

The typical Staffy is owned by a young lad with a hoody on, stood in a gang up to no good. I’m sorry but I can’t remember the last time I saw a gang of lads up to no good with a Staffy. Can you?

I’m so proud and grateful to Kiera for all she has given us and everything she continues to give us. From love, loyalty and companionship she sure is a keeper. As my baby I’ll certainly admit that I’m bias but if you meet her you’d agree too. She’s a laid back girl with a whole lot of energy and loves to play. Her biggest achievement would be that she is the CEO – Canine Executive Officer of Stay N Play Doggy Daycare and to have been assessed and pass to become a registered PAT – Pets As Therapy dog. Wait a minute … a Staffy as a PAT dog? You’re joking? No I’m not.

Next time you walk past a Staffy why not be confident, friendly and just keep walking, no lead pulling, no crossing the road just simply walking by. If in doubt shout! “Is he/she friendly?” #GiveADogAChance