Our Pack

Pack Manager - Luke

Stay N Play’s pack manager Luke has a passion for people and pooches! Along with the rest of the team, Luke’s vision is to bring you and your doggies the best in affordable, fun and rewarding daycare – somewhere you become part of the family!

Luke is a fully trained Level 3 City & Guilds dog groomer & stylist, has completed numerous certificates and courses in animal care, management, first aid, behaviour and training. This includes certificates from a variety of training providers including C&G, ADTB and many more.

Pack Manager - Jason

One of our pack managers, Jason has a keen interest in dogs and is the proud co-owner of Kiera a beautiful staffie-cross – the inspiration behind Stay N Play and who can be seen in the logo!

Jason has completed his ‘What makes a dog tick’ and Sapphire level certificate in training with the ADTB and is also working towards various other canine qualifications.

Pack Mummy - Lynne

Keeping it in the family Lynne is Jason’s mum and the mummy of the pack. Like the rest of the team Lynne has a true love for all things dogs and is fully qualified in first aid. Lynne will be on hand to assist all customers and to help ensure everything runs smoothly.

Pack Leader - Charlotte

Charlotte is a true dog devotee with 2 dogs of her own – two labs called Bella and Bonnie. Charlotte spends most of her free time walking and spending time with her dogs.

Charlotte is currently studying towards her level 3 City & Guilds qualification in Animal Management and has lots of experience as a dog sitter, walker, and grooming assistant. Charlotte is also trained in level 2 Animal Care.

Pack Leader - Kirsten

Totally doggy obsessed, Kirsten loves all animals but especially those of the canine variety  Kirsten has a 7 year old Rottie named Sheba and spends most of her free time walking together.

Kirsten has successfully completed her level 3 City & Guilds qualification in Animal Management and has lots of experience as a dog sitter, walker, and grooming assistant. Kirsten is also micro chip and canine first aid trained.

Pack Member - Rebecca

One of our newest pack members, Rebecca is fun, vibrant  and full of enthusiasm. Known as Becky she has a dogs of her own called Lottie, a Jack Russell Cross. Becky has loved dogs for as long as she can remember and is keen on becoming a professional dog trainer! She has worked with dogs for the last 12 months in Australia taking care of over 12 dogs on a farm from pups to adult dogs.

Rebecca is currently studying towards her level 2 City & Guilds qualification in Animal Care. And will soon be working towards her ADTI qualification.

Pack Member - Jack

Jack the puppy of the pack. Jack is canine crazy, his most favourite breed is Cocker Spaniels!! So if your in the day care chances are he’s probably cuddling one of our many cockers in the pack. Jack has grown up with dogs all his life and currently has a Jack Russell Cross and 1 Yorkie. Jacks main interests include: Dog grooming, training, art and listening to music.

Jack is currently studying towards his level 2 City & Guilds qualification in Animal Care and Welfare and has lots of experience as a dog sitter and walking.

Pack Member - Nicole

Nicole is loving and caring and is adored by all the dogs at Stay N Play but most especially her own Bobby! Nicole enjoys spending her free time on long walks with her fur baby Bobby. Nicole has a keen interest in dog training and hopes to become a guide dog trainer!

Nicole has completed her Level 2 City & Guilds Animal Care and is now studying towards her Level 3 Animal Management.

Faye Jones

So grateful for 'Stay and Play', Luke and his team do a fabulous job and our 2 year old staffy, Ozzy, really does love coming here.

Charlotte Dawson

Cookie drags me into the building so excited! He was a very nervous dog not just with other dogs but people and I can't believe how much more confident he is after going here!

Laura Fell

We usually have to drag him out of the place at home time haha! Thanks to Luke and the team for running such a great facility!

Romaana Cecilia

Ralph has a proper family at stay n play and Luke and his team show genuine care and love for every pooch that goes.

Anne Caldwell

Stay N Play is great, staff are really friendly and our dog Chester has a wonderful time when he visits.

Samantha Jones

Took my mums two dogs today to be cut and groomed, fantastic, the staff really care about the animals, and went above and beyond to make sure the dogs were groomed exactly how she wanted.

Eleanor Mack

I am honestly extremely happy that I found Stay and Play as the doggy training classes have been amazing. Luke and Ellie have been amazing over the last few weeks helping me train my puppy.