I can’t read – dog therapy work

I can’t read! A comment said by a 9-year-old boy.

So as some of you may already know we do a lot of dog therapy work out in the community. This ranges from reading therapies, responsible dog ownership, removal of isolation and loneliness, confidence around dogs and much more.

Since carrying out this work in the community we have found it very rewarding and have seen some great improvements in peoples confidence and abilities. The best one to date is the above, a 9-year-old boy who “couldn’t read”.

We went over to Trafford Council for a foster fun day, this is where looked after children in foster care are able to go with their foster carers and meet other children and siblings which may not be placed with them. Here they’re able to play games with one another and win prizes from the free raffle.

We were invited along to this fun day to do some therapy work and sat by the reading area after all that’s what I know best. Sat on two blankets surrounded by books most children seemed to be more interested in me than any of the free book. However, Thomas came over petted me on the head and said he couldn’t read. This made us feel sad we asked if he would like to pick a book and read to me and I would help him to read the book.

He was so excited! He chose his book, sat next to me and opened it to the first page. He began … C … A … N …. Can …. W…E …. We. He was so sweet and managed to read 2 lines of his book before he said “Wow I am getting really good at this aren’t I?” We said “amazing you did really well shall we carry on?” He replied “No I have had enough now, but can I take it home?” His foster carer was so happy and proud she couldn’t thank us enough.

When children are taken into foster care 9/10 they have nothing but their name and the clothes they turn up in. I know I take for granted everything I have. So with this in mind we’ve decided to start a collection now ready for their Christmas fun day.

So how can you help us help them? We’re looking for children’s books and lots of them! Can you donate old children’s books or pop in to a local shop and purchase some? Also are you able to donate any children’s toys from 0-16?
Could you raise awareness with your staff and customers and help collect to make this Christmas one they’ll never forget?

If so please do contact Luke on: 07716928281 or send us an email: staynplaydoggydaycare@hotmail.com

Thank you for reading and Paw the love,

Kiera xo

CEO – Canine Executive Officer