How doggy daycare can help you

So the question is – is doggy daycare good for your dog? I’ve read some articles recently that say no but I question are these people the best people to ask?

Depending on what you want to find out will depend on the answer you get. I have many customers have been referred to me by local vets which is fantastic. If a vet recommends us then clearly we’re doing something right.

Today I’m going to discuss with you the many benefits that Doggy Daycare has to offer you and your dog. Of course the first thing that springs to mind is socialisation, dogs are like children, they need to develop social skills in order to fit in with society. They need to be given the opportunity to socialise with multiple dogs in one space, this helps to build their confidence around other dogs and prevents them from behaving poorly and enables them to act in a calmer manner whilst out on walks making them more confident and unlikely to bark, bite or become overwhelmed resulting in aggressive behaviour.

So you work all day, the dog chews the skirting boards and door frames, you come home and shout at the dog they get scared and cower you have dinner go to bed and repeat this all over again. But where is the physical and mental exercise? You blame the weather its cold, raining or snowing I will take them out tomorrow. I’ll let you in on a secret – “There is no better tomorrow than today” Doggy Daycare helps to ensure your dog gets the physical activity they need in a safe, fun and stimulating environment. Most dogs that attend doggy daycare regularly become healthier, calmer and more controlled pets. Dogs are naturally highly sociable pack animals. If you isolate them for too long it results in boredom therefore destructive behaviour. Well guess what – Doggy Daycare eliminates owner absence behaviour issues and in most cases helps to combat future behavioural issues.

And finally have you ever been locked in a room? I can imagine its pretty stressful being left alone you have no hands to use the remote therefore your sat waiting for your parents to return, get bored, be destructive, get super excited when the parents return and you get shouted at for being bored and destructive. Great I was lonely therefore stressed and I’m the one who gets shouted at. Dogs have no concept of time an hour is like forever!

Not no more call your local doggy daycare or dog walker and discuss your needs. We’re all here to help and do it for the love of dogs. Trust me rain, snow, wind or shine Stay N Play Doggy Daycares open for #STAYNPLAYTIME !

More than just a daycare, keeping the tails wagging!!