Dogs have diseases

Dogs have diseases… No Sir your are just ignorant!! As a responsible dog and dog business owner I was saddened to hear a bistro owner say that my dog had a disease.

After being kicked out of a bistro the other day with my therapy dog Kiera, it was clear that there is not enough being done to educate people on how valuable therapy dogs are. We give guide dog access to all areas, and rightly so! But what people fail to see is that therapy dogs are also a valued part of the community and carry out amazing work. Kiera and I are on a mission along with AgeFriendlyBury to change peoples perceptions of dogs and make Bury a not only therapy friendly town but also completely dog friendly for all.

After being told “you’re going to have to leave, these are old people and dogs have diseases” I am sure you can imagine the rage I was feeling. Luckily, Julie calmed me down and we laughed it off and Lyndsey was on to them with a tweet. It was shocking to hear that the venue I had visited was 100% dog free. I go to the lakes and I’m allowed to walk around and take my dog into any shop, restaurant, hotel and much more!! No matter how much mud we tread in we’re always welcomed with a warm and friendly greeting.

Why should anywhere else be any different? Exactly, it shouldn’t!! With a responsible dog owner, lead and collar I should be able to enjoy the day with my four legged companion. I mean lets look at a garden center some are dog friendly and some are not. What does surprise me though is that the one that has a huge pet section doesn’t allow my dog in, so why sell things for my fur baby and take my money but don’t allow them to come in with me? I think i’ll go to Pets At Home next time she’s welcome to come in and try things on!! No brainer!!

I get certain things, some people are scared of dogs! And whys this? Is it because we as a community prevent dogs from socializing with other people, we don’t allow them to build confidence around dogs because we restrict access to them. I took Kiera into Bury college the other day to talk about Responsible Dog Ownership and present our workshop to them, they did amazing and more importantly so did she. Kiera loved every minute of it. I pushed some of these students to their limits. I had some great responses and built their confidence to the point where they stroked Kiera!

Therapy dogs need to be treated like guide dog’s. Pet therapy builds on the pre-existing human-animal bond. Interacting with a friendly pet can help many physical and mental issues. It can help reduce blood pressure and improve overall cardiovascular health. It can also release endorphins that produce a calming effect. Imagine this example – I have extreme anxiety , a therapy dog calms me down and will help me to get out of the house and go to the shops and buy what I need. Having a therapy dog also allows me to be able to interact with others and builds my confidence.

Do you agree that “Therapy Dogs” should have the same rights? Comment below!!

Lets make Bury Dog Friendly – Will you be proud and stand out from the crowed? Be a BDF Venue!!

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